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Hi! I'm Sheila!

I’m an illustrator/graphic designer in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Starting with simple paper and pencil, I can make your ideas a reality, transforming your concepts into real visuals regardless of medium. Want a custom colored pencil piece? No problem! Need something digital or vector for your business? Absolutely! I’d love to hear from you.
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Portraits, dog portraits, caricatures, invitations, infographics — you name it, I've probably made it! Anything you need that involves a visual element, I can make.

Graphic Design

I've created a variety of print and digital media for a plethora of purposes. Logos, branding, flyers, social media content, business cards, banners, etc. can be made to your exact specifications. Know what you need but not sure how you want it to look? That's okay too! I can walk you through it.

Social Media

Managing a business is hard work! Show it off and stay relevant by having someone else help you with social media. Whether you just need regular posts, or content too, I can help you get there!

The Process

No matter the project, it typically follows the following steps!

1. Research

This is where you tell me all of your hopes and dreams! I take notes, nail down your goals with you, and make a plan for how to get you there.

2. Design

This is where the magic happens. All the raw ideas from step one take form here to become a solid finalized concept.

3. Feedback and Revision

This is the design 'double check' to ensure the project meets your expectations and where any small revisions can be made. Once I have your approval, I move on to the final step.

4. Final Creation

And we're done! Your final project is completed as requested and it on its way to you!